There’s much to love about Diane Lala’s direction. The stage pictures she creates in collaboration with scenic designer Matthew D. Hamel and lighting designer Eric McCandless are gorgeous.
— Kirk Sheppard
The scenic design by Matthew D. Hamel consists of a multi-tiered combination of steps, scaffolding, and Roman style columns and arches, hinting at the mixture of ancient Judea and the occupying Roman influence, along with modern elements.
— Scott Cain, Talkin' Broadway

Jesus Christ Superstar

University of Cincinnati





Diane Lala

Scenic Design:

Matthew D. Hamel

Costume Design:

Ashley Berg

Wig & Makeup Design:

Meredith Keister

Lighting Design:

Erik McCandless

Sound Design:

Matt D. Birchmeier



Logan Greenwell

Mark Lyons